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LOG-IN FIRST TIME (Mfg/Exporter)


It is advisable to go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) carefully before proceeding to register or logging-in as Manufacturer / Exporter :

Process of Registration

  1. If you are manufacturer / exporter of Pharmaceutical Products / Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) intended to be exported to Federal Republic of Nigeria than you have to click the icon “Mfg. / Exporter Login” indicated on the “Home Page” of the web site,
  2. As your organization is a New User so click the icon “New User” after entering the “Mfg. / Exporter Login” page,
  3. The browser would direct you to the page “HOME >> Register Manufacturer / Exporter” page,
  4. Fill-in the mandatory fields as indicated,
  5. Once the required fields are filled punch the icon “REGISTER” after clicking the box on the left hand lower corner indicating “The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge”.

(NOTE : Any manufacturer / exporter has to fill this registration ONLY once. Do not try to register the same company over and again as this would reject the registration as manufacturer / exporter)

Your organization can only proceed further once the Administrator activates your account, which is normally done within 24 hours of registering and this activation of account would be except public holidays & weekends.

Editing Profile

  1. The profile once filled as New User can be edited by clicking the mouse at “Edit Profile” after successful registration and activation by the site Administrator,
  2. Make required changes and save the made changes by clicking “UPDATE”.

Manufacturing Sites

  1. Register the Manufacturing Sites by clicking the icon “Create New Manufacturing Site”,
  2. Your organization has to register Manufacturing Sites which are approved by authorities of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Federal Republic of Nigeria,
  3. If there are several approved Manufacturing Sites approved by NAFDAC than register all one by one by clicking “Create New Manufacturing Site”,
  4. Your organization has to register the Manufacturing Site as approved by NAFDAC only once,
  5. Be discreet and accurate in providing required data,
  6. These registrations of sites can be updated for any changes in the required data.

Importer List

  1. Create profile of your Importer in Federal Republic of Nigeria,
  2. If there are several Importers in Nigeria than register all these importers one by one by clicking “Create New Importer”
  3. These registration of Importer can be updated for any changes in the required data,
  4. The data has to filled only once for an importer.

(NOTE : Your organization is obliged to provide your importer the “User Name” and “Password” for importer to login on “Importer Login” page. SILIS Labs Pvt. Ltd. will not provide any such information to the importer of your organization.)

Inspection Request

  1. If your organization has a consignment ready for dispatch and your organization wishes to get the consignment inspected than click the icon “Create New Inspection Request”,
  2. Minimum 7 (seven) working days lead time has to be provided for the inspection,
  3. Upload the copy of Invoice and the Packing List for the consignment your organization wishes to get them inspected (the size of file(s) should not exceed 10 MB),
  4. Fill-in the mandatory fields carefully and check twice if all the details are filled accurately before clicking “ADD”.

NOTE : This Inspection Request has to be filled-in only once for a particular related Invoice / Packing List and only when goods are ready for dispatch and requires inspection. Editing this request is not possible once request is made.

Inspection would not be performed if the consignment is not packed in totality.

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